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Cyber Insurance

Insure your data against loss, theft or corruption.

In the last couple of years, advancements in technology, including the cloud, have resulted in 84% of adults falling victim to cyber crime.

Many cyber crimes occur on office computers, which are connected to your business servers. This means that at any point in time, your business is exposed to a potential online breach.

Your business, which like 70% of other businesses, might be unprepared for the liabilities of cyber risks that normal insurance policies do not cover.

Sasfin Short-term insurance assists you to cover your business for the potential loss, theft or corruption of data, caused by an online breach or system failure.

Overheads in the cloud?

How it works

The following cyber incidents are covered:

  • Security failure
    Any intrusion due to the failure of the security of the company's computer system.
  • Security failure
    Any negligent act or negligent failure to act by an employee of while operating, maintaining or upgrading the company's computer system.

Once an incident occurs, your insurance company begins event management, which includes:

  • First response team up to 72 Hours
  • Legal services
  • IT services
  • Data restoration
  • Reputational protection
  • Notification costs
  • Credit and ID monitoring

In the process of managing the breach or failure, we initiate our data protection response, which includes:

  • Data protection investigation
  • Statutory fines

In the instance that your company is legally liable for failure that resulted in damages being sustained by a third party, we will provide liability cover arising from release of:

  • Data protection investigation
  • Statutory fines

Depending on your policy option, we can also provide additional protection that covers:

  • Digital media
  • Cyber/privacy extortion
  • Network interruption
  • Network loss
  • Network Interruption Costs

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