Risk and business continuity planning

Sasfin Fiduciary Services will help design the business continuity and risk planning strategy for your organisation. Our role is to ensure that your business plan, constituting documents and continuity strategy are aligned.

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What we offer

Holistic solutions

We bring value to our clients by offering holistic estate planning solutions.

Personalised recommendations

Our legal advisors are dedicated to delivering personalised professional, fiduciary advice, that caters for our clients' specific needs.

Professional advice

Our legal advisors are highly qualified, specialised and skilled professionals with a vast amount of industry experience.

Business Continuity and Risk Planning services

Analyse your business structures and liabilities to determine the potential costs to your business upon your demise. Plan and manage the impact of disruption to your business that may result in depreciation in the value of your business.

Structure your estate plan to ensure that your business continuity plan correlates with your estate plan and have a concise plan for your business to be purchased out of your estate or bequeathed in a clear, preconstructed manner. Align the business constituting documents and contracts such as shareholder agreements, with your estate plan and safeguard compliance with legislative requirements to ensure your wishes can be implemented.

Ensure that your wishes regarding your business continuity plan are technically and legally capable of fruition.

Determine the resulting taxes in your estate and ensure that the correct business valuation is utilised for risk planning. Avoid the pitfalls of an incorrect valuation of a business which may result in the business value being utilised to defray various tax costs, leaving very little value to your heirs.

Assess whether your applicable marital regime can affect your business continuity plan and whether the value of your business may be subject to marital claims resulting in unintended estate planning consequences.

Ensure that the contractual terms between shareholders is carefully formulated to facilitate the efficient and prompt transfer of shares out of deceased shareholders’ estates according to concise terms and at a pre-determined agreed value.

Ensure that your company constituting documents are aligned with your business continuity plan and that all conflicting provisions are eradicated and streamlined. Expedite the administration of the shares in your estate to prevent delays in the winding up of your estate caused by conflicting and ambiguous constituting documents and shareholder agreements.

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Why Sasfin fiduciary services


We bring value by offering our clients holistic financial planning services. 


Our advisors are dedicated to delivering objective, impartial and professional fiduciary advice.


We offer our clients regular personal attention, which cements our high-touch service work ethic.

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