Corporate and institutional

We assist corporate employer groups or individual members by coordinating umbrella retirement funds. Our consultants also advise clients on healthcare solutions and asset management for their businesses.

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Our offerings

Asset Consulting

We offer relevant and independent investment advisory services to retirement funds. Supporting and enabling retirement fund trustees in fulfilling their fiduciary duties.

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Asset Management

Our top-rated investment solutions are designed to meet the needs of private investors and include unit trusts, pooled portfolios and structured solutions across multiple asset classes.

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Fiduciary Solutions

Our fiduciary solutions includes estate planning for tax efficiency, trust structuring, will drafting, as well as generational wealth transfers and preservation.

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Fixed Income

The Fixed Income trading team operates as an independent unit within Sasfin Wealth and is equipped to meet the needs of institutional investors.

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Healthcare Consulting

We provide you with independent and holistic healthcare advise so you may enjoy
custom healthcare solutions.

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Sasfin Wealth Umbrella Retirement Fund

SWURF is a retirement fund offering enabling members to accumulate retirement capital as part of monthly payroll deductions.

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